Magnus Carlsen has announced that he will not defend the title of World Chess Champion.

Magnus Carlsen- Announced

Magnus Carlsen- Five Times Winner

Five-time winner Magnus Carlsen isn't retiring, but he promises "to be the greatest in the world.

Ding Liren, China's No 2 world ranking, will now face Nepomniachtchi was defeated by Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen- Recently Defeated

He stated in a Unibet podcast that he was not motivated to play in another match. I feel like I don’t have much to lose.

Magnus Carlsen- Unibet Podcast

I don’t enjoy it and, although I know a match would be fascinating for historical reasons.

Magnus Carlsen- To be Fascinating

"Ultimately, the conclusion stands, one I'm fairly comfortable with, one I have thought a lot about over the past year.

Magnus Carlsen- Conclusion Stands

Bobby Fischer was 1975's last grandmaster to surrender the title instead of defending it in a match.

Magnus Carlsen- Last Grandmaster

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Carlsen's decision, however, is closer to what happened in 1993, when Garry Kasparov left Fide.

Magnus Carlsen- In the History

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Cabrera, 39 years old, was chosen by Rob Manfred to be part of the 12th All-Star Game in his 20-year-long career.

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