Malcolm Butler- New England Patriots

The New England Patriots put the veteran cornerback Malcolm Butler on injured reserve on Tuesday.

Which ended his season as well as his comeback plan with the team where Butler's Injury affected his play.

Malcolm Butler- Season Ended

Malcolm Butler- Opening Game

Butler was a starter in the Patriot's opening game of the preseason on Thursday, taking 23 snaps as well.

Butler who was a 2021-year-old without playing football, signed a two-year deal for the Patriots in March.

Malcolm Butler- Playing Football

He was one of a handful of players looking to fill the gap left by J.C. Jackson's departure as a free agent.

Malcolm Butler- Fill the Gap

Butler was the protagonist of the team's victory in the 28-24 victory against the Seattle Seahawks.

Malcolm Butler- The Team Victory

His touchdown on the line of goal in the last minute was one of the most famous plays in the history.

Malcolm Butler- Line of Goal

Image Source- Pats Pulpit

Malcolm Butler- Philadelphia Eagles

Image Source- Business Khabar

In a 41-33 defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, Butler did not appear on defense.

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