Malcolm Hill- Small Forward

Small-forward Malcolm Hill (born Oct. 26 1995) has signed a new contract for the Chicago Bulls.

Hill scored an average of 3.4 scores and 10.4 minutes in 16 games with the Bulls during the season.

Malcolm Hill- Average Score

Malcolm Hill played his rookie season in the NBA in the past for Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks.

Malcolm Hill- Rookie Season

The 26-year-old started the season in Atlanta and played for three games, he averaged 5.7 scores, and 2.0 rebounds.

Malcolm Hill- Three Games

Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium says that Hill is now a part of the Bulls for the second time.

Malcolm Hill- The Athletic

Two-way contracts can be a huge advantage to teams because they do not add to the team's 15-man roster.

Malcolm Hill- Huge Advantage

Image Source- Bleacher Report

Malcolm Hill- For the Bulls

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Hill could switch from the NBA or G League for the Bulls and also provide a valuable time when needed.

Additionally to that, he was adroit in the field with a shooting rate of over 46 percent (19/44 in the entire season).

Malcolm Hill- Shooting Rate

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