Malcom Brown- Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a surprise move following practice on Wednesday. 

They released experienced defensive lineman Malcom Brown who seemed to be involved in a squeeze game.

Malcom Brown- Malcom Brown

Malcom Brown- Into His 8th Season

Brown (6 inches 2 feet inches, 300 pounds) was about to enter into his 8th season.

Brown was listed below the third year pro DaVon Hamilton at nose tackle on the depth chart prior to the game.

Malcom Brown- Depth Chart

Hamilton has had a great training camp. Jay Tufele, who only played four games during his first season.

Malcom Brown- His First Season

Brown is a native of Texas and a former All-American in the University of Texas in 2014 The player was drafted at the beginning of the draft.

Malcom Brown- Texas In 2014

 New England and was a player with the Patriots for four seasons , and was part of two teams that won Super Bowls. 

Malcom Brown- Super Bowls

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

Malcom Brown- New Orleans

Image Source- Musket Fire

Brown was signed by New Orleans, played there for two years , and was transferred to the Jags in exchange for a seventh-round selection.

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