San Diego Padres star MLB player Manny Machado sustained a chilling ankle injury trying to reach first base.

Kyle Hendricks- Walked Along the Bench

Padres fans gasped as All-Star third baseman Manny Machado suffered a terrible ankle twist.

Kyle Hendricks- Loss to Braves

MLB Insider Hector Gomez Machado was able walk off the field after some assistance from San Diego's trainers.

Kyle Hendricks- Teaching the Young

Sunday's ankle injury to Machado was a hit with baseball fans. One user replied, "Oh man! That looks gnarly."

Kyle Hendricks- A right Hander

This is awful news, especially when you consider the season that five-time All Star is having 2021.

Kyle Hendricks- Misplaced Fastballs

Manny Machado has a record of.329 in 65 games. He has 12 home runs and 46 RBIs. 17 doubles are also included.

Image Source- Reuters

Kyle Hendricks- Frustation Manifest

Machado was enjoying a great season and stretched his left leg toward home plate to try and beat pitcher.

Image Source- Sandiegouniontribune

Kyle Hendricks- Routine of Between

Machado's heel seemed to slip off the bag and he fell on the ground with his left leg buckled underneath him.

Kyle Hendricks- Cubs Manager

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