Marcus Davenport, Saints defensive end, has suffered from a few injuries in his career.

Marcus Davenport- Saints Defense

But this offseason, he hopes to avoid another one that he had since college. He had a part of his left pinky removed.

Marcus Davenport- Hopes to Avoid Injury

After sustaining a pectoral injury in Week 1, Davenport was a 2018 first round pick by the  team.

Marcus Davenport- Sustaining Pectoral Injury

The Saints traded him for their 2019 first-rounder and also swapped spots with the Packers.

Marcus Davenport- Saints Traded Him

Davenport had nine sacks in 11 games last year. The Saints acquired Davenport's fifth year option before last season.

Marcus Davenport- Nine Sacks in 11 Games

Davenport was just a junior at college when he sustained his first injury. When he injured his finger.

Image Source- CBS Sport

Marcus Davenport- Junior at College

Davenport has been affected by the injury throughout his professional career. He cannot bend his pinky certain ways.

Image Source- Sporting News

Marcus Davenport- Affected by the Injury

He broke a plate that had been surgically placed into his finger within the past two years.

Marcus Davenport- Surgically Placed

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