On Tuesday, the 2nd day at the Young Game Changers basketball clinic in Westford, Marcus Smart had some from his own.

Marcus Smart- Young Game Changers

"For myself, I would like Rob (Williams) did not break his meniscus. I'd like to avoid messing my ankle to the point.

Marcus Smart- Avoid Ankle Point

Obviously the games that we had to endure to reach the Finals were brutal and I wouldn't change anything about it.

Marcus Smart- Endure to Reach

In the brink of the free market and trade rumor season, Smart isn't surprised to be featured on social media.

Marcus Smart- Trade Rumors

At the moment, for the point guard who's 28 years old Smart, it's the part that isn't spoken that is part of the job description.

Marcus Smart- Part of Job Description

Smart hasn't had any time to think. Alongside his annual basketball training at Flower Mound, TX, etc.

Marcus Smart- Basketball Training

Image Source- Yahoo News

Few of the other NBA players incorporate charging-taking in their course including Smart.

Marcus Smart- Incorporate Charging

Image Source- SLC Dunk

After signing photos and sign autographs with a large crowd of campers ranging from kindergarteners to high school.

Marcus Smart- Sign Photos & Autograph

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