Marcus Smart- All the Right

Malcolm Brogdon says all the right words. He is happy to sit on the bench for the Boston Celtics.

It's worth asking how the highly-publicized guard will fit with Marcus Smart who was the obvious.

Marcus Smart- Best Guard

Marcus Smart- Introductory

The 29-year old insists that he can support Smart's game and not hinder it during Tuesday's introductory press.

Marcus is among the greatest winners we have seen in this league. Boston loves him because of that.

Marcus Smart- Greatest Winners

I'm gonna push Marcus. I'm gonna embrace him. He's gonna embrace me. We will push each other.

Marcus Smart- To be Embraced

I believe we are going to play well together. Although we may have different skills.

Marcus Smart- Play Well

Both Smart and Brogdon can be great facilitators, but they are also capable of leading an offense.

Marcus Smart- Can be Great

The Celtics now have two point guards of starting calibre -- Derrick White, a talented two-way guard.

Marcus Smart- Two Point Guards

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