Marcus Smart- Boston Celtics

Rarely do you come across an athlete as talented as Marcus Smart who leaves Boston Celtics fans.

Over the years, a significant portion of the loyal fans has been asking management to move Smart.

Marcus Smart- Significant Portion

Marcus Smart- Cited Reason

They have cited reasons like Smart's shooting inconsistencies as well as his an egocentric mindset.

To me, his new role as the primary point guard of the Boston Celtics is a sign that he's one of their most indispensable players.

Marcus Smart- Primary Point Guard

His shrewdness as well as his amazing ability to make crosses directly to the teammate's hands.

Marcus Smart- Amazing Ability

The C's do not necessarily require an offensive guard that can always score twenty points per contest.

Marcus Smart- Offensive Guard

The primary goal for the offense should be to get the ball to them and create opportunities for the two.

Marcus Smart- Primary Goal

Marcus Smart- Ranked Second

Image Source- Sporting News

Of players who scored over 400 or more assists in the last season, Marcus Smart ranked second in NBA.

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