Mark Appel waited for nine years, and even a cancelled flight before he made it to the big leagues.

Mark Appel- Waited for 9 Years

He found out late on Friday evening at Allentown, Pa., that the Phillies made him a player at the time the Triple-A.

Mark Appel- Late on Friday

"I look back, and I'm like, 'Well, the plan was to get to the big leagues quick,' but it happened exactly like it was supposed to," Appel stated.

Mark Appel- To the Big Leagues

Appel 30, who was the first overall selection at the time of 2013, the MLB Draft. 

Mark Appel- First Overall Selection

However, he had a difficult time adjusting to performances, expectations, and injuries in the course of his career.

Mark Appel- Adjusting to Performance

He was transferred from Houston in 2015 to Philadelphia in the year 2015 & was assigned an Assignment.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Mark Appel- Transferred to Houston

He was aware that he could never again pitch. However, he underwent operations on his left shoulder.

Image Source- Sporting News

Mark Appel- Never Again Pitch

Appel was scheduled to fly on Saturday morning Newark, N.J., to San Diego, but his flight was canceled.

Mark Appel- Scheduled to Fly

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