It is sad that people are reluctant to call for school safety as Countless mass shootings seem to be a daily occurrence.

Mark Davis- People are Reluctant

Robb massacre has made Americans feel a little more vulnerable. The senseless murders and robberies of 19 children .

Mark Davis- Americans feel Vulnerable

Mark Darvis presented the Uvalde Consolidated Independence School District the check via Zoom this week.

Mark Davis- Uvalde High School

Raiders owner says, "We're proud to be part in something that makes these schools safer."

Mark Davis- Proud to be a Part of

It looks like Davis is using all the money that he has saved over the years on haircuts to his advantage.

Mark Davis- All the Money Saved

Davis' donation comes just a month after an 18 year old gunman shot dead 19 children and 2 adults at Robb Elementary School.

Image Source- The Spun

Mark Davis- Donation comes after

The bipartisan gun deal Sunday was announced by Senators, but must still be voted upon in the Senate.

Image Source- ESPN

Mark Davis- Bipartisan Gun Deal

McElroy spent nine seasons with the Raiders in the NFL. McElroy was a Pro Bowler and won a Super Bowl.

Mark Davis- Spent Nine Season

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