Marshawn Lynch- NFL Running Back

Marshawn Lynch, a former NFL running back, was asleep during a traffic stop and smelled like alcohol.

He had stolen the vehicle. Las Vegas police arrested him on Tuesday, according to the arrest report.

Marshawn Lynch- Las Vegas Police

Marshawn Lynch- USA Today

USA TODAY Sports obtained the report. It states that at 7:25 AM Tuesday, Las Vegas Metro Police.

According to the report, the driver's front wheel and rim had been completely destroyed and the passenger.

Marshawn Lynch- Front Wheel

The car had struck the sidewalk close to the spot where it was found by officers. A tire was located there.

Marshawn Lynch- Sidewalk Close

Officers discovered Lynch, a man who was asleep in the driver's chair and lying down with his door open.

Marshawn Lynch- Discovered Lynch

According to the report Lynch, 36, was only wearing one shoe and "would talk and then fall asleep several times.

Marshawn Lynch- Wearing One Shoe

Marshawn Lynch- Obtaining a Warrant

Image Source- SF Gate

According to the report, Lynch was arrested for obtaining a warrant to draw blood to determine.

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