Mason Rudolph- Offered Chance

Mason Rudolph could be offered a chance at some point in the near future. There's a bit of interest within teams.

Rudolph, the Steelers will consider potential trade proposals, but only for the right price.

Mason Rudolph- Potential Trade

The longest-tenured Steelers quarterback Rudolph was 26-of-36-for 220 yards and two touchdowns.

Mason Rudolph- Steelers QB

Five-year-old veteran and former third-round selection is 5-4-1 during the regular season.

Mason Rudolph- Third Round

Rudolph finished the drive by throwing a touchdown for Tyler Snead on the fourth after 1:55 remaining.

Mason Rudolph- Throwing Touchdowns

Although the Steelers contest for the quarterback is being billed as a three-man contest.

Mason Rudolph- For the QB

Rudolph was not a regular participant in Pittsburgh's offensive first team during the last few days.

Mason Rudolph- Regular Partcipants

Image Source- NY Post

Mason Rudolph- Lions on Sunday

Image Source- Skysports

Rudolph will be once more the third quarterback to take the field as the Steelers playing the Lions on Sunday.

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