Matisse Thybulle- 76ers The Wing

It was 2021-2022. NBA year was a roller-coaster ride to Philly the 76ers the wing Matisse Thybulle.

When the defensive standout entered into the third year of his career as a professional there were lots of expectations.

Matisse Thybulle- Defensive Standout

In his initial two seasons in the Sixers, Thybulle garnered considerable playing time because of his outstanding defensive potential.

Matisse Thybulle- Defensive Potential

At the time of the deadline to trade in the previous season Sixers Chief Daryl Morey called Thybulle.

Matisse Thybulle- Season Team

Thybulle probably will be at the ready if a team makes a move at the Sixers with a fair deal.

Matisse Thybulle- Fair Deal

The odds of the Sixers leaving Thybulle currently are not likely but this doesn't mean he won't have something for him to prove.

Matisse Thybulle- Him To Prove

Matisse Thybulle- His Contract

Image Source- NYTIMES, Bleacher Report

The Thybulle offense is unanswered as he enters the fourth year of his contract, we've seen footage.

This week, a video of Thybulle working on his dribbling caused a lot of buzz. The following week Thybulle.

Matisse Thybulle- Lot Of Buzz

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