Matt Araiza- Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills rookie player Matt Araiza and one other San Diego State football player were accused of rape.

Araiza, who was a top punter in college soccer last year, is accused of having sex outside of a party.

Matt Araiza- Top Punter

Matt Araiza- Rape Allegations

Kerry Armstrong, Araiza's lawyer told the Los Angeles Times the rape allegation was false.

His investigator had spoken to witnesses from the other party who told a completely different story.

Matt Araiza- The Other Party

Armstrong stated, "It's an attack because he's now at the Buffalo Bills." "I have no doubt that Matt Araiza ever raped this girl.

Matt Araiza- Armstrong Stated

Araiza was officially awarded the Bills' punting job. This week, the team released veteran Matt Haack.

Matt Araiza- Punter Job

The Bills issued a statement to Los Angeles Times stating that they were aware of the situation.

Matt Araiza- Los Angeles Times

Image Source- Draftkings Nation

Matt Araiza- A Civil Case

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

The Bills released a statement on Thursday saying that they were made aware of a civil case involving Matt.

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