When Matt Carpenter walked into the Yankees Clubhouse, for the first time. Carpenter exchanged a brief salute.

Matt Carpenter- Exchanged a Bief

Matt Carpenter- Team Required

Expressing his willingness to do whatever the team required even taking bags off the plane.

After that, he was quickly taken to a hitters' conference that he attended still wearing jeans.

Matt Carpenter- Hitter Conference

His sofa to the team that has the Major's most impressive records, Carpenter homered the next day.

Matt Carpenter- Impressive Records

Carpenter continued his astonishing and historic comeback by putting up a seven-RBI, two-homer performance.

Matt Carpenter- Seven RBIs

Carpenter stated. "I told you the first day I arrived here: I'm very happy to be at the clubhouse, to be with this group of guys.

Matt Carpenter- At the Clubhouse

I'm ecstatic to be a participant in this. To perform like I'm playing and to see how the team plays on a regular basis.

Matt Carpenter- Team Plays

Carpenter took down the wall in right field with a 3-run blast in the opening inning off Nick Pivetta.

Matt Carpenter- 3 Run Blast

Image Source-Bleacher Report Lookout Landing

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