Matt Eberflus, Bears coach, is taking one step at a moment when making the major decisions that all coaches have to make.

Matt Eberflus- Bears Coach

Eberflus dismissed the Bears on Thursday for summer break. This will end in the last week of July and include the second.

Matt Eberflus- Dismissed the Bears

The camp could be different from the ones that were under Matt Nagy's watch, and so could the preseason.

Matt Eberflus- Camp could be Different

There is not yet any information about the players they will use in the preseason games.

Matt Eberflus- Not Yet Any Information

Which are Aug. 13 at Soldier Field in Kansas City, August 18 at Seattle, and Aug. 27 in Cleveland.

Matt Eberflus- Soldier Field in Kansas

Eberflus stated that preseason player usage was something that has been discussed many times.

Image Source- Bleacher Report

Matt Eberflus- Preseason Player

Nagy's preseason strategy of using different players in different groups would be quite different.

Image Source-

Matt Eberflus- Using Different Players

Eberflus stated, "So we'll be seeing and I'll visit the other head coaches [they play] to see what they're doing.

Matt Eberflus- Head Coaches

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