The U.S. Open was in a playoff Sunday, as it does every year at The Country Club. Matt Fitzpatrick measured up his shot.

Matt Fitzpatrick- In a Playoff Sunday

He held a narrow lead over Will Zalatoris, and Masters champion Scottie Schffler. A large patch of rough-filled grass.

Matt Fitzpatrick- Narrow Lead Over

There was also a bunker protecting the green, and a flag at 156 yards. The stakes were high for a U.S. Open Title.

Matt Fitzpatrick- Protecting the Green

Fitzpatrick hit 9 iron that began around the steep lip. Fitzpatrick called it a "squeezyfading" and carried the front bunker.

Matt Fitzpatrick- The Front Bunker

He settled 18 feet away. This set up Fitzpatrick's par for a 2-under-68, making him a major champion in America.

Matt Fitzpatrick- 18 Feet Away

He won the U.S. He was the U.S. Amateur winner at Brookline in 2013. He was the 13th man to win the U.S. Open.

Image Source- NY Times

Matt Fitzpatrick- US Golf Open Winner 2022

Jack Nicklaus was the name on the medal that won the gold at Pebble Beach.

Image Source- USA Today

Matt Fitzpatrick- Won the Gold

Fitzpatrick stated, "The feeling's beyond this world." It's so cliché, but it's something you dreamed of as a child.

Matt Fitzpatrick- Beyond this World

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