Third overall during the 2009 NFL Draft, which the team utilized to select Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan- 2009 NFL Draft

Matt Ryan- Changes the Fortune

Ryan came to Atlanta as a 22-year-old player from the Northeast determined to change the fortunes.

Season of its history and was rewarded with four Pro Bowls, as well as an MVP award for the league.

Matt Ryan- Awarded with MVP Award

After a successful 14-year run following a stellar 14 seasons, the Falcons made a trade of Ryan with the Indianapolis Colts.

Matt Ryan- Indianapolis Colts

The move led to the departure of a leading player as well as a rival and one of the main characters.

Matt Ryan- Leading Player

With everything he brought to the team did the Falcons have a mistake in when they let Matt Ryan go.

Matt Ryan- Falcons

Then, Ryan gets a chance to join an organization that has championship hopes and the Falcons have turned.

Matt Ryan- Championship Hope

The decision to keep Ryan could have been the best option for the Falcons 2022 season.

Matt Ryan- The Best Option


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