Matt Siegel Announced Retirement

Matt Siegel, host of the long-running Boston morning radio Show "Matty in the Morning" Announced Retirement.

Matt Siegel Said that this past year has been a little bit rough for him as he hadbrain surgery & broken foot.

What Matt Siegel Said

Matt Siegel- I Wanted to Make People Laugh

Matt Siegel said that All he want to do is make people laugh & he got off target which he guess you would say.

"My spouse and youngsters talked with me over the past several weeks and helped me make a decision," Siegel Addeed.

Matt Siegel Announced Retirement After...

Matt Siegel- Becoming a Golfer

As of now, I'm retired. I am leaving Kiss 108 and beginning my new life as a mediocre golfer." said Matt Siegel

"I like you guys greater than phrases can specific," Siegel stated, thanking his followers. "I will miss you all terribly."

Matt Siegel Said Will Miss You Terribly

Matt Siegel- What Company Said

'Please do not. We assist you and we are not going to stop you from saying what you need to say.' So I stated, 'OK.'

"Sorry to disappoint you who're excited that I will be leaving, however I am nonetheless right here," Siegel mentioned.

What Matt Siegel Said Last

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