Matthew Stafford- Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams prepare for their match against the Buffalo Bills to start the NFL season on Thursday.

Stafford the player who suffered through elbow pain in the last season, and was treated with an injection.

Matthew Stafford- Elbow Pain

He didn't throw during spring practice and was placed on a schedule for throwing for training camp.

Matthew Stafford- Spring Practice

"I feel good," Stafford declared. "I'm fully prepared to go. No limits. ... I feel great and ready to play.

Matthew Stafford- Fully Prepared

Rams Coach Sean McVay said the plan the Rams have put in place to help Stafford manage his elbow discomfort.

Matthew Stafford- Manage Discomfort

McVay acknowledged it is true for every quarterback that "their arms are always something you should be aware of.

Matthew Stafford- Every QB

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Matthew Stafford- Feel Better

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Stafford stated that the player has "been doing some things that have made [his elbow] feel better.

In the event that the Rams require Stafford to throw more than 50 times on Thursday night, they will need to do it.

Matthew Stafford- Throw More

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