According to recent reports that have now been stated via The Telegraph that Matt Wolff will be announced at LIV Golf.

Matthew Wolff- Via The Telegraph

Although the Saudi-backed event has attracted the likes of Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka.

Matthew Wolff- Saudi Backed event

This is certainly one that will have everyone on the PGA Tour take notice, as both players are less than 25.

Matthew Wolff- On the PGA Tour

Wolff is the only golfer with a PGA Tour victory to his name, in the 2019 3M Open, also snuck into the top 20.

Matthew Wolff- Is the Only Golfer

It was due to his being the first golfer of a male to finish within the top five of his first two majors in the span of 132 years.

Matthew Wolff- Finish Top 5

At just 23 years old, Wolff will be one of the youngest players on this field making an appearance in the LIV Golf.

Image Source- Lifewithwordsltd

Matthew Wolff- The Youngest Player

In the event of a switch into LIV Golf, Wolff will receive an immediate exclusion from PGA Tour.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Matthew Wolff- Switch into LIV Golf

Jay Monahan released a strongly written letter that states the LIV Golf members have been "suspended.

Matthew Wolff- Strongly Written

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