Aston Villa right-back Matty Cash has scored his first international goal for Poland.

Matty Cash- Aston Villa Right Back

The right-back, born of Polish heritage through his mom, was granted citizenship last year , and began his first game.

Matty Cash- Polish Heritage

Cash made his debut with Poland at the start of the UEFA Nations League clash away to the Netherlands on Saturday night.

Matty Cash- Debut with Poland

He started scoring at the end of 18 minutes of the match when Cash fired a low angle shot into the corner from the edge.

Matty Cash- 18 minutes of Match

The 24-year-old, who was a part of Nottingham Forest for four years before joining Aston Villa in 2020.

Matty Cash- Nottingham Palace

Cash scored four goals in just 40 games with Villa in 2021-22. Cash is not even close to his mark at international stage.

Image Source- Football Insider

Matty Cash- International Stage

A raucous celebration was held following the full-back's goal during the game in Rotterdam.

Image Source- The Guardian

Matty Cash- Full Backs Game

He was able to help with his international debut to beat the Dutch in the first second half of Feyernoord's De Kuip stadium.

Matty Cash- Beat the Dutch

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