The best compliment you can give an aspiring pitcher is this: when you're pitching you're expecting to be successful.

Max Fried- Best Compliment

Max Fried has reached this mark. Fried He is considered to be the Braves Ace. Fried is a solid player at the top of the rotation.

Max Fried- Reached this Mark

"I think he's the best left-hander in the game," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. "Just where he's at now.

Max Fried- Dodgers Managers

There's nothing that he can hinder our players but in terms of his ability to run 3 times in the line-up.

Max Fried- Ability to Run

It's an electric pitch. He pitches to every quadrant. He always seems to be able to show his best in our games."

Max Fried- Every Quadrant

Fried gave up two runs over six and a half innings. In two games against the Dodgers this season.

Image Source- Atlanta Jewish Times

Max Fried- Two Runs over Six

They are incredibly fast which is why you have to to do your best to navigate around and avoid hitting.

Image Source- ESPN

Max Fried- Incredibly Fast

The Braves lead by a single score in the 7th inning however, the Dodgers had loaded their bases.

Max Fried- By a Single Score

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