Max Muncy- Contract For 2023

The Dodgers, two-time All Star Max Muncy reached an agreement Monday to a $13.5million one-year contract for 2023.

The deal also includes a $10 Million Club Option for 2024, with no buyout.

Max Muncy- No Buyout

Max Muncy- Apperances Next Season

Based on plate appearances next season, his option price could increase by $4,000,000: $250,000 for each of 50, 250, 300.

 $1 million for 500 and 553 respectively. If he is traded, he would receive a $1 million assignment bonus.

Max Muncy- Assignment Bonus

"This place is everything to me. Muncy stated that there is no other place I would rather play. "Hopefully there will be more."

Max Muncy- Rather Play

This season, the outfielder who will be 32 next week has been struggling. The team with the best record in baseball has him hitting.

Max Muncy- The Outfielder

Muncy, however, has shown signs of improvement this month. He's batted at.328 with seven homers, 15 RBIs, and a 1.185 OPS.

Max Muncy- Improved This Month

Max Muncy- Win The Game

Image Source- ESPN

 After 15 minutes, we had the game under control and were able to win the game.

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