Max Verstappen- Grand Prix

Max Verstappen won the French Grand Prix after his championship competitor Charles Leclerc crashed out.

Leclerc was the race's leader the race, but he shockingly was unable to control his Ferrari by the right-hand.

Max Verstappen- Race Leader

Max Verstappen- Without Opposition

Verstappen made the most of Leclerc's death to go without opposition to the chequered flag.

For the 300th Formula One appearance, Lewis Hamilton placed second, securing his best finish of the season.

Max Verstappen- Formula One

George Russell was third after he made to pass Sergio Perez with three laps remaining.

Max Verstappen- Three Laps Remaining

Leclerc's race for the championship appeared to be on the right track after he reaffirmed his win.

Max Verstappen- Championship

The Monegasque was able to get away from his mark to keep Verstappen out of the race.

Max Verstappen- Mark to Keep

Image Source-The Gaurdian

He was able to keep his position despite his Red Bull driver breathing down his neck lap-after-lap at Circuit Paul Ricard.

Max Verstappen- Red Bull Driver

Image Source-The Gaurdian

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