In this hot weather, can you imagine getting sweaty just by walking out of the door?

McDonalds- Free French Fries

McDonalds- To be Recommender?

Although we aren't sure if French fries should be recommended by sports nutritionists to replace electrolytes.

McDonald's, Wendy's, and Wendy's offer discounts or freebies to tater lovers across the country in celebration.

McDonalds- Discounts & Freebies

Some require that you download their app and sign up for alerts in order to be eligible for free food.

McDonalds- Download the App

French fry aficionados, today is your day. You can enjoy fries with mayo, salt, ketchup or mayo.

McDonalds- Fries with Mayo

Check out the offers that you may be eligible for. It is possible to participate in promotions, but it is not guaranteed.

McDonalds- Check out Offers

McDonald's will give away large quantities of fries for free. There is no purchase required.

McDonalds- Larger Quantities

Image Source-The Wall Street journal

But customers must order through McDonald's App and participate in the MyMcDonald's Reward loyalty program.

McDonalds- Loyalty Program

Image Source- The Verge

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