Melvin Gordon- Running Back

Last year, Broncos runningbacks Melvin Gordon, and Javonte Wilkins split the middle with 203 each.

They're back together this year. Gordon believes he will get fewer touches than the second-year tailback.

Melvin Gordon- Second Year

Melvin Gordon- Have a Plan

Gordon said Wednesday that while he believes they have a plan for what they want going in.

We switch sometimes, but you all know how it works. I don't know what they will do with the rotation.

Melvin Gordon- With the Rotation

It's important to look back at Green Bay and see how they handled the carries and other things.

Melvin Gordon- Look at Green Bay

Nathaniel Hackett, the Coach has stated that he would like to have a group of running backs.

Melvin Gordon- Have a Group

A.J. Dillon had 187 carries over 17 games with two starts. Aaron Jones had 171 carries over 15 games.

Melvin Gordon- Games with Start

Melvin Gordon- Determined to Win

Gordon is determined to win, even though he doesn't want to be second to anyone for the Super Bowl.

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