The Denver Broncos boasted one of the most effective two-man backfields in the NFL last season.

Melvin Gordon- Denver Broncos

On a weekly basis, veteran Melvin Gordon and youngster Javonte Williams split plays nearly evenly.

Melvin Gordon- A Weekly Basis

At the conclusion of the season, they had each had exactly 203 runs, with Gordon averaging 4.5 yards per carry.

Melvin Gordon- Conclusion of the Season

Williams gaining 4.4. Williams had 43 catches to Gordon's 28, but Gordon held the advantage in total touchdowns.

Melvin Gordon- Had a 43 Catches

In 2021, the arrangement worked reasonably well, but in 2022, people are more enthusiastic about Williams than Gordon.

Melvin Gordon- Arrangement Worked

Given that Williams is in his second NFL season and has just turned 22, while Gordon is in his eighth.

Image Source- Colorado Spring Gazette

Melvin Gordon- Second NFL Season

Gordon is aware of the disconnect, but he isn't satisfied to fade into the background behind Williams, he siad in a minicamp.

Image Source-

Melvin Gordon- Aware of the Disconnect

According to Nick Kosmider of The Athletic, Gordon acknowledged that "people want me to take a back seat.

Melvin Gordon- Want Me to Take Back Seat

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