Mercedes is all set to add third MayBack Body Style for the SL version of the supercar.

Mercedes MayBack SL- All Set to Go

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Mercedes mayBack SL Car teased by Gordon Wagener, head of design at Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes MayBack SL- Teaser goes Live

Source- Autocar

The Teaser of Mercedes MayBack SL showcases Maybach grille, three-pointed star and the edge of a raked windscreen.

Mercedes MayBack SL- Teaser Revealtion

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The Word SL for the german carmaker Mercedes refers to two door convertible car.

Mercedes MayBack SL- What is meant by SL

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The Much Awaited Mercedes MayBack SL will only be offered in Petrol Variant with Hardtop.

Mercedes MayBack SL- Only Petrol Variant

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The Teased Mercedes MayBack SL is most probably going to launch in the year 2024.

Mercedes MayBack SL- Expected Release Date

Source- AutoCar 

The Upcoming car is also expected to be offered in an electric powertrain variant.

Mercedes MayBack SL- Electric Powertrain

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The Price of Mercedes MayBack SL has not made official yet but for sure it will be a high budget variant car.

Mercedes MayBack SL- Pricing of the Car

Source- AutoCar 

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