Mets vs Braves- Easy Path

After almost getting back from a deficit of eight runs on Friday night the Mets took the easy path.

Of course, it is helpful that Francisco Lindor and David Peterson are playing the games they played.

Mets vs Braves- David Peterson

Mets vs Braves - Early Lead

The Mets took an early lead during the opening in the first inning, then continued to add to the lead.

Then had a strong spot starting by Peterson to secure an 8-5 victory against the Braves.

Mets vs Braves - Strong Spot

Lindor was the driving force in the offense by swinging an impressive bat, hitting 3-for-4.

Mets vs Braves- Driving Force

The shortstop, who enjoyed another great day using his glove extended his streak of hitting on base to 13 games.

Mets vs Braves- Great Day

It's like you're mining for gold," manager Buck Showalter said. "You pick up a chunk of gold.

Mets vs Braves- Mining Gold

You grab the stone, place it on top of the table and then sort it out. If you find enough nuggets.

Mets vs Braves- Top of Table

Image Source- NY Times

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