The Mets' most valuable player is the Next Man Up. His contributions are always appreciated.

Mets vs Brewers- Most Valuable Player

Buck Showalter's team is tired of losing contributors who encourage his entry. The Mets lost Tylor Medill again this season.

Mets vs Brewers- Team is Tired of Losing

They rallied from a three-run deficit by using strong defense, great bullpen work, and just enough hitting to win a game.

Mets vs Brewers- Rllied from three run

A thrilling Match series against the Brewers 5-4 on Thursday night at Citifield in front of 25,002.

Mets vs Brewers-- Thrilling Match Series

The Mets (42-23) won 4 1/2 games over the Braves (inactive), who seem to only win on days when they aren't playing.

Mets vs Brewers- Games over Braves

They had to be the stronger defensive team. ,The Rrookie Nick Plummer and Tomas Nido saved it.

Image Source- Philadelphia Inquirer

Mets vs Brewers- Stronger Defensive Team

With Hunter Renfroe on the first and the Mets down one, the ninth saw the Mets score a one-out run.

Image Source- SF Gate

Mets vs Brewers- They Were Down One

In the ninth, Tyrone Taylor of Milwaukee scored a double to first base. Plummer ran in for the softly thrown ball.

Mets vs Brewers- Double to First Base

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