Eagles and Dolphins- Preseason Final

The Eagles will take on against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in the preseason's final. 

There are no Eagles players were prepared for Saturday's game. Instead, the final preseason game.

Eagles and Dolphins- Preseason Game

The first team received important training sessions in the game against Miami on Wednesday.

Eagles and Dolphins- Miami On Wednesday

Their only joint game after which they hosted an intrateam training session at the Dolphins facility on Thursday.

Eagles and Dolphins- Facility On Thursday

The Miami Dolphins opened the game by putting the ball in play and fielded QB Tua Tagovailoa as well as WR Tyreek Hill.

Eagles and Dolphins- Tyreek Hill

They connected with 64 yards on the opening two minutes in the contest.

Eagles and Dolphins- Opening Two Minutes

The Eagles second-team defense was not in a position to stop Miami's play-action kickoff - Miami put its first points on the board in just four games. 

Eagles and Dolphins- Just Four Games

Image Source- CBS Sports

Eagles and Dolphins- The First Half

Image Source- News Times

 The Dolphins added an extra point thanks to Kicker Jason Sanders to make it 7-0 at 12:55 in the first half.

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