Tyler Herro- Miami Heat

Remember that should the Heat hold off on an extension, this implies that Tyler Herro remains trade eligible.

However, that almost never happens, as was the case this summer and the Suns along with Deandre Ayton.

Tyler Herro- Deandre Ayton

Tyler Herro- Well Aware

Tyler Herro is well aware of the fact that his name has been pulled into a myriad of trade rumors all summer.

The current Sixth Man of the Year recently disclosed that none of this worries him and his main focus.

Tyler Herro- The Sixth Man

With Herro being in the last year of his contract, it's not clear whether the Heat will extend his contract.

Tyler Herro- Contract Extensions

To be clear, it appears that Miami will continue to extend Herro's contract. However, it seems that they are not planning.

Tyler Herro- Not Planning

It's not a secret that Miami regards the 22-year-old as an asset to trade and they're likely to let him go.

Tyler Herro- Asset to Trade

Tyler Herro- On this Market

Image Source- Sir Charles in Charge

There isn't any interest on this market to buy Tyler Herro but that puts him in a highly awkward position.

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