Micah Parsons went to Los Angeles in the month of March to shoot commercials in anticipation.

Micah Parsons- Los Angeles

Micah Parsons- Madden 23 Game

"Madden NFL 23" released a video titled "A completely different strength" in order to announce the pre-orders.

In the video, Parsons is taking directions while moving and lifting the bleachers made of aluminum to increase.

Micah Parsons- Taking Directions

Parsons is a bit smug and says "And the person who gave me an 80-strong rating."

Micah Parsons- A Bit Smug

The only thing Dallas Cowboys fans need an explanation. If they aren't able to get an explanation.

Micah Parsons- Dallas Cowboys

Since linebacker Micah Parsons (who might be described as an edge rusher) getting an overall score.

Micah Parsons- Linebackers

Parsons' speed reduced after the fact that he showed his superiority in the field during his rookie season.

Micah Parsons- Speed Reduced

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 After playing in 16 games and registering 13 sacks with 84 total tackles 30 QB hits, and 3 forced fumbles.

Justin Jefferson- Those Numbers

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Jefferson said that he's the second-best receiver in the NFL ahead of Davante Adams from the Las Vegas Raiders...

Justin Jefferson Claims He is the Best!!!