Micah Parsons- Cowboys Headquarter

About 100 miles to the to the south of Oxnard and the Cowboys headquarters for training camp.

At the conclusion of Wednesday's practice for a joint competition on the LA Chargers' training camp.

Micah Parsons- Joint Competition

Micah Parsons- Going to be Easy

It ain't always going to be easy, and you've got to learn how to go even when you can't breathe.

Indeed, Wednesday's practice brought greater temperatures, faster speeds, and more risk against a different team.

Micah Parsons- Greater Temperature

This is the kind of performance Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy envisioned when he set up.

Micah Parsons- Head Coach

One was with the Broncos this week in Denver and the other two together with the Chargers on Wednesday.

Micah Parsons- Other Two Together

In the heat, Parsons was currently the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, was thrilled by the team's performance.

Micah Parsons- Defensive Rookie

Micah Parsons- Setting a Tempo

Image Source- A to Z Sports

I thought we dominated as a defense, and that's just setting a tempo and standard for what's to come this year.

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