Micah Parsons- NFL Season

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons will join "Undisputed" each Tuesday during the NFL season.

Parsons his weekly appearances are the only ones of this kind to be featured on the program.

Micah Parsons- The Program

Dallas Cowboys superfan Skip Bayless could not be more thrilled to hear about the announcement.

Micah Parsons- The Annoncement

"Last night, I texted with our man Lil Wayne - who hates the Cowboys but loves him some Micah.

Micah Parsons- Lil Wayne

That's a big deal for us, Skip," Sharpe stated. "To have a current player that's actually playing come on and discuss with us.

Micah Parsons- Sharpe Stated

To get him, an active player of his caliber, to talk to us throughout the entirety of the season is a big deal.

Micah Parsons- Big Deal

Micah Parsons- Tough Question

Image Source- SI.COM

Sharpe pointed out, however that despite Parson's rising popularity, he'd not be afraid to ask Parson the tough questions.

Denver Broncos were able to hold a lively and fun session in front of about 7,000 fans Thursday evening at the Broncos

Micah Parsons- 7000 Fans

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