Micah Parsons- NFL By 2022

Micah Parsons has a stated aspiration to become the best player in the NFL by 2022. 

This season begins in Week 1 and, for the second time in a row and it's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will open their season against Micah's .

Micah Parsons- Against Micah

2021 season Parsons - - who has admitted since it was a mistake to think that when he first started out.

Micah Parsons- Parsons

Parsons went on to aid the Cowboys achieve a record of 12-5 with his 13 sacks and 84 tackles.

Micah Parsons- 84 Tackles

The Bucs realize that a major part of the problem is Dallas the defensive director Dan Quinn.

Micah Parsons- Dann Quinn

Parsons who has said that he would like to "dominate every game'' and "be respected He isn't going to back down from taking on the Brady challenge.

Micah Parsons- Brady Challange

Micah Parsons- The Performance

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

I would say that was probably my worst game last year," Parsons said. Parsons He isn't looking to repeat the performance.

In fact, when Parsons reflects on the very first encounter, he regards it as a low point.

Micah Parsons- Low Point

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