Micah Parsons- New England

Micah Parsons was 11 months old when the New England Patriots were drafted by Tom Brady in 2000.

He has a deep appreciation for Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

Micah Parsons- Tom Brady Respect

On Sunday, he'll take on Brady twice in the span of years as players from the Dallas Cowboys host Tampa Bay.

Micah Parsons- Player Years

"You just see his competitive nature. He has that fire inside of him. I mean he looks to kill you," Parsons stated.

Micah Parsons- Competitive Nature

You got to be a real strong-minded person to be who you are and for Tom to do that in New England and Bucs.

Micah Parsons- Strong Minded

Parsons is not able to recall a good memory of the 2021 opener, which was a 31-29 defeat to the Buccaneers.

Micah Parsons- Good Memory

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Micah Parsons- Defensive Rookie

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Parsons described it as his worst loss, even though Parsons was able to take home the Defensive Rookie.

He's been dominating this league too long and he keeps coming back," Parsons laughed.

Micah Parsons- Long League

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