Michael Jordan- Memorable Seasons

Michael Jordan wore during one of his most memorable seasons in the NBA's history is up for auction.

According to Sotheby’s, Jordan wore the Chicago Bulls jersey to Game 1 of 1998 NBA Finals.

Michael Jordan- Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan- Auction House

It is described by the auction house as "one of Michael Jordan's most important items."

The 1997-1998 season is probably the most beloved among Jordan fans as Michael was reaching his peak.

Michael Jordan- At His Peak

He said that the season is his "magnum opus" as an athlete and a testament of his ability as a competitor.

Michael Jordan- His Ability

The auction house stated that the highest estimate for a Jordan jersey can be between $3 to 5 Million.

Michael Jordan- Estimated Price

The 1997-1998 season, also known as "The Last Dance", was the subject of a 2020 ESPN/Netflix documentary.

Michael Jordan- Documentary

Image Source- Marca

Michael Jordan- The Utah Jazz

Image Source- NBA

Jordan donned the jersey on June 3, 1998 against the Utah Jazz. He scored 33 points in 45 minutes.

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