Mike Trout- Made It Clear

The Angels have made it clear the fact that Mike Trout was placed on the 10-day injured waitlist.

There has no information from the team on what time frame they'll expect Trout to be off the field.

Mike Trout- No Information

Mike Trout- Back Pain

Trout has been absent for a while lately because of back pain however, the team has stayed clear.

Maybe they were waiting for an All-Star break, where the minimum 10-day absence wouldn't be too painful.

Mike Trout- 10 Day IL

Trout was relatively well-behaved in the beginning of his career. He played for at least 114 games.

Mike Trout- Well Behaved

He then followed that up by playing in 53 of the team's 60 games during the season that was cut in 2020.

Mike Trout- Played Game

In the past the player played just 36 games, due to the calf injury which didn't appear to be a major issue.

Mike Trout- Calf Injury

Image Source-LATIMES

here are no signs of slowing down his overall output, hitting an impressive .270/.368/.599.

Mike Trout- Slowing Down

Image Source-The San Diego Tribune

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