Mike Trout- Changed His Life

In just four days, Mike Trout changed his life from being in danger to potentially picking up a bat.

The Los Angeles Angels player visited Dr. Robert Watkins on Thursday, a back specialist.

Mike Trout- Back Specialist

Mike Trout- Rotating Exercise

Trout will begin rotating exercises Wednesday, and could soon return to swinging a bat.

Trout laughed and said, "It went from [my career] is over to] now hopefully I'm playing here soon.

Mike Trout- Spinal Injury

It's been amazing every day coming out of the gym. It's getting better. It is very encouraging to begin.

Mike Trout- Amazing Everyday

I'll try it for a few days in the weight room, and if all goes well, I'll be able to start swinging.

Mike Trout- In the Weight Room

Trout's future looked uncertain after Mike Frostad, an athletic trainer, stated that Trout had a rare spinal condition.

Mike Trout- Looked Uncertain

Image Source- The New York Times

Trout stated that Frosty initially meant that he was trying to get at that -- maintaining a routine.

Mike Trout- Initially Meant

Image Source- Britannica

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