Mike Trout's most beloved All-Star moment has to be his 2014 All-Star game at Minnesota.

Mike Trout- All Star Moment

Mike Trout- Center Fielder

The Angels centerfielder played leadoff right in the presence his childhood idol Derek Jeter. 

He also was able to use a locker right next to his fellow New York Yankees shortstop, who was playing in his final All-Star Game.

Mike Trout- Locker Right

Trout scored a double three times, and a triple as well as 2 RBIs during the 5-3 victory against the National League.

Mike Trout- Double Three Times

Trout started his 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati with a homer , and scored two times in the 7-3 AL win.

Mike Trout- Many Wins

He was awarded his second consecutive All-Star Game MVP award and an Silverado Midnight Edition truck.

Mike Trout- Awarded with All-Star Game

When Trout will be among baseball's finest and brightest players for All-Star Games on Dodger Stadium.

Mike Trout- One of the Finest Player

The 10-year-old's All-Star Game will be his first with his son, Beckham, and the three-time ALL Star MVP.

Mike Trout- Registered MVP

Image Source-NYTIMES SI.co

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