Mike Whan, the USGA CEO, stated that the governing body considered it appropriate to allow players suspended by the PGA Tour.

Chief Mike Whan- Governing Body

However, Mike Whan said that he could see a day when it will be more difficult for them qualify.

Chief Mike Whan- More Difficult

Whan spoke at a news conference at The Country Club, Boston on Wednesday, stating that the USGA will continue monitoring.

Chief Mike Whan- News Conference

The professional golf landscape and evaluating its qualification criteria for future U.S. Open events.

Chief Mike Whan- Professional Golf

Whan stated, "I could see a day." "Does that mean I can see what the day will look like?" I don't.

Chief Mike Whan- I Could See the Day

I believe the USGA should take a long-term perspective and look at where it goes. We're not going be reacting to what we do.

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Chief Mike Whan- Long Term Perspective

Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner, suspended 17 players from participating in LIV Golf's inaugural event.

Image Source- Bradenton

Chief Mike Whan- PGA Tour Comminssioner

The past winners of the U.S. Open Dustin Johnson and Martin Kaymer were among those who were suspended.

Chief Mike Whan- Past Winners of US Open

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