Mike White- AFC Champion

The backup quarterback Mike White led the NY Jets to an unlikely victory over the eventually AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals. 

White ended up throwing for more than 400 yards in a remarkable performance that resulted in him receiving an award at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Mike White- Hall Of Fame

Ten months later, White is currently in an in-training camp contest for the position of backup quarterback on the Jets team in 2022.

Mike White- The  Jets Team 

White might be the favorite of fans However, I believe that his odds of being on the Jets 53-man roster are very small.

Mike White- Very Small

This is not an evaluation of White as an NFL quarterback. I believe that he's one of the best backup quarterbacks.

Mike White- Backup Quarterback

Additionally it is the fact that the Jets traded draft assets, which we know that general coach Joe Douglas greatly values.

Mike White- Greatly Values

In these circumstances, Flacco probably has an inside path to secure the job as a backup during the summer training camp.

Mike White- Training Camp

Mike White- Paractie Team

Image Source- SI.COM, NYPOST

This means that White is, should he not get the backup job is likely to be assigned to the practice team.

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