Miles Mikolas, the St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach, fought through 128 pitches Tuesday.

Miles Mikolas- Cardinals Pitching Coach

The 33-year-old Mikolas is currently in his fourth season with Cardinals. Mikolas entered Tuesday's game with a record of 4-4.

Miles Mikolas- His Fourth Season

After Bryan Reynolds reached base on a fielding error & was able to reach home, the Pirates scored their one run in the fourth.

Miles Mikolas- Base on the Fielding Errors

After a pair home runs, Paul Goldschmidt and Tommy Edman, the Cardinals quickly got on the board in the first.

Miles Mikolas- Pair of Home Runs

They then had a 7-0 lead going into the second. This was after Brendan Donovan's two-run single and Goldschmidt's three-run.

Miles Mikolas- Two Run Singles

St. Louis won 9-1 from there -- its fifth win in six games. In the first game of Tuesday's doubleheader.

Image Source- New York Post

Miles Mikolas- Fifth Win in the Game

The Cardinals defeated the Pirates 3-1. St. Louis will end its four-game series against the Pirates Wednesday night.

Image Source- CBS Sport

Miles Mikolas- Cardinals defeated Piirates

Mikolas pitched an amazing game. In the blowout win, he had six strikeouts as well as one walk.

Miles Mikolas- An Amazing Game

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