Mini has lately been producing vehicles that do not perform to the standards they've been promoting.

Mini Cooper SE- Producing Vehicles

Mini Cooper SE- So Much Fun

Then, there's no reason to worry since it's now a convertible version of Mini EV so fun it's called toys.

Mini claims it's the one high-end convertible in the category of electric vehicles isn't making new models.

Mini Cooper SE- Electric Vehicles

While it's not officially described as an idea (because it's built from parts from other Minis) it's a "unique specimen".

Mini Cooper SE- Officially Described

The car's constructed from the body of the Mini Cooper SE Convertible, and it has the same dimensions.

Mini Cooper SE- Same Dimensions

It's powered by a Mini Cooper SE Electric powertrain, and it has similar specs, as you'd expect, pumping out 184HP.

Mini Cooper SE- Horsepower

It's all fantastic however it raises the question: why not make these available for sale?

Mini Cooper SE- Available for Sale

This is the exclusive Mini Cooper SE Electric Convertible Expect to be seen at car shows once temperatures rise.

Mini Cooper SE- Convertible

Image Source-Motoroids

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