Mitch Trubisky- Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett did enough in the two initial preseason games that prompted an inquiry.

As to whether he'd be able to start this season with the Steelers starting quarterback.

Mitch Trubisky- Starting Quarterback

Mitch Trubisky reminded everyone during the first half on Sunday that he's the best choice for the moment.

Mitch Trubisky- Best Choice For THe Moment

Trubisky almost perfected his game in the opening half with his fellow Lions in the NFL's last preseason game of the preseason.

Mitch Trubisky- Game Of The Preseason

He ran 15-of-19 for 160 yards and scored a touchdown while the Steelers were leading 16-0 at halftime.

Mitch Trubisky- 16-0 Halftime

The Steelers scored on six of their first-half possessions. The only issue were the 3 field-goals Pittsburgh.

Mitch Trubisky- Goal Pittsbugh

Trubisky was 24-of-34 in the preseason for 283 yards two touchdowns, but no interceptions.

Mitch Trubisky- But No Interceptions

Mitch Trubisky- Detroit Lions'

Image Source- National Today, Marca

The prediction from last week's big game ended up being a flop as that the Detroit Lions'.

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