Possible scenarios that Mitchell Robinson re-signing with the New York Knicks.

Mitchell Robinson- Possible Scenarios

As per Marc Stein, Scott Perry and the front office are reported to be in the market for several stars.

Mitchell Robinson- Front Office

Stein claims, "that a new multiyear deal to keep Mitchell Robinson in New York is looming."

Mitchell Robinson- Multi Year Deal

Mitchell has proven to be a solid center in his career, and he's a lock in his shots on the Knicks.

Mitchell Robinson- Proven Solid Center

Re-signing Mitchell could be crucial in the long run, and it could also entice players like Brunson and Irving.

Mitchell Robinson- For the Long Run

The pursuit of famous stars is not uncommon with the Knicks and they are known to are always after stars.

Image Source- New York Post

Mitchell Robinson- Famous Stars

New York can give themselves a formidable team with or Brunson or Irving who join Mitchell Robinson.

Image Source- Daily Knicks

Mitchell Robinson- Formidable Team

They have several promising young players in the lineup to go with any star they acquire.

Mitchell Robinson- Young Players

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