Charlotte Hornets forward Montrezl Harrell is facing felony drug charges arising from an incident at Richmond, Ky.

Montrezi Harrell- Charlotte Hornets

As per Madison County, Ky. court documents, Harrell was scheduled to be arraigned on Monday to address.

Montrezi Harrell- Madison County

Harrell 28, who is 28 years old, was stopped by an Kentucky trooper in the state of Kentucky around 9:58 a.m.

Montrezi Harrell- Stopped by Kentucky

he drove southbound on I-75 because he followed the vehicle ahead of him according to police reports.

Montrezi Harrell- Followed Vehicles

Jesse Owens stated he "upon the stop, he smelled marijuana" from the silver 2020 Honda Pilot that Harrell was driving.

Montrezi Harrell- Smelled Marijuana

Harrell, Owens wrote in the report, "admitted to being in possession of marijuana, and also produced some out of the sweatpants.

Image Source- New York Post

Montrezi Harrell- Possession of Drug

 In a follow-up investigation of the vehicle according to the report, Harrell claimed was rented "three kilograms of marijuana.

Image Source- USA Today

Montrezi Harrell- Investigation of Vehicles

According to Kentucky law the possession or transportation of eight or more ounces , but not more than 5 pounds.

Montrezi Harrell- Transportation

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